Open Baby Lift

"A revolution in the world of wheelchair lifts"

Double arm lift completely made of aluminum and special high resistance Strenx steel.

It can be installed inside vehicles, vans, minibuses and above all on vehicles with a low roof. The peculiarity of this lift lies in the fact that the walking surface has a central cavity with two lateral lanes for sliding the wheelchair inside the vehicle.

Ease of entry

The operator does not have to climb onto the lift to push the wheelchair inside the vehicle, but can perform this task simply by walking inside the lift itself.


The particular shape of the lift allows complete rear visibility looking from the rear-view mirror.

Convenience of loading and unloading of the goods

Once closed, the lift allows you to easily load and unload bags, trolleys, suitcases and any other object, even large ones.

Non-slip floor

The walking surface is made of aluminum and is characterized by a particular non-slip punching that gives an optimal grip. There are no welds, and therefore points of fragility.

Easy to use

With 2 keys the loading and unloading operations are performed.

Small and compact

Small and compact, it can also be installed on low-roof vehicles. When closed, it is only 32 cm in size, the minimum outward protrusion allows it to be installed close to the tailgate without interfering with the bumper during its movement.


The lift is equipped with special rubber shock absorbers which make it extremely silent while driving.

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