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AC2002 Wireless Satellite Accelerator


Community Code: 25.04

The wireless satellite accelerator enables you to manage acceleration without taking your hands off the steering wheel; it is worn like a glove enabling perfect control and maximum freedom of movement.

Its manual controls are completely innovative in aiding the disabled to drive. It is the first and only wireless device that enables you to use the accelerator while keeping the original features of the vehicle unaltered, leaving the steering wheel completely free for you to drive and view the dashboard.

Thanks to the customisable supports and to the main bracket, the device can be fitted onto all hand sizes.
The satellite accelerator has been developed for nine automated functions and can be used to open the automatic gate or garage door for example.

Colours and finishes

The new satellite accelerator is available in a wide range of colours, which, matched to the interior of the vehicle, enable the customisation of the trimmings, making it trendy and really unique.

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