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CL007 Radio Lights and Services Control Station at Steering Wheel

Control units

Community Code: 35.03, 35.04, 40.11

CL007 Radio Lights and Services Control Station at Steering Wheel

The CL007 product by Fadiel Italiana allows steering and auxiliary controls to be managed with a single device, without reducing the visibility of the instrument panel.

It uses latest generation technology with radio control and has a very long autonomy.

The handle is ergonomic, suitable for gripping the control with extreme ease. Furthermore, the well-arranged and raised keys on the outside make the device easy to use for all people regardless of hand size.

It is the only product in this category equipped with a quickrelease. In fact, with the use of only one hand, simply by pressing the central button located in the center of the handle, the device can be inserted or removed easily.

The push-button panel is backlit and a twilight sensor automatically activates the dipped beam lights when the intensity of the external light decreases, a very useful function for tunnel entrances.

The device is equipped with a counterweight which always brings it back to the perpendicular position (optimal condition of use), regardless of the position of the steering wheel.

The product is studied in detail both from an aesthetic point of view but also from a functional point of view; one example is the hazard warning light button which offers greater pressure resistance to prevent involuntary activation while driving.

With this product we complete our range of light and service control units, made up of CL005, CL006, CL010 and VOICE products.


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